Ability to search for presets by name

Is there a way to search for presets by name? I love access to all these instruments and presets. I found that I can go in the web interface, “Software>LV2 Plugins” and search for a MIDI Synth by name. How can I find presets? I tried “Library>Presets & Soundfonts”…using “Search Musical Artifacts”, but I have been unable to get that search box to return a result for anything.

For example it would be wonderful to be able to type in ‘piano’ or ‘bell’ or ‘Bass’ and see what MIDI Synths have presets with a match. I am willing to start in Terminal if someone has a workaround searching via the filesystem as well.



I know that it’s not the best way, but when I had this need at the beginning I just ssh into the zynthian and used find.

Searching presets i’s a feature that should be there, it’s useful not only for newbies but also for people that look for similar presets in different engines. Now it’s daunting to find anything unless you learn how to search.

The problem with a global search would be that you fins too many things :slight_smile: but I vote for it!

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It needs a good category system above the names to give them context.
As with most issues zynthian control the first consideration is GUI or webconf?
Categorization would seem to be a webconf concern whilst selection of sounds within categories is perhaps something you would use at the GUI?

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I wondered how long it would be before you mentioned tags!!! :wink:

Just count your lucky stars I don’t mention multiple keyboard modifiers…

Search Musical Artifacts performs a search of an online database of sounds from which you may be able to download to the Zynthian. It does not search the existing content on the Zynthian.

In webconf we could have a search currently selected engine and a global search that performs a fuzzy search for text within preset names. This deffo sounds like a feature request that should be made via the issue tracker.

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It’s using the webconf as a mechanism to turn audio ephemera into good solid zynthian citizens.