About power source


I’m having some struggle to find a proper power source.

Currently i’m using an Iphone usb charger, but it nominally will only provide 1A. Although the Zynthian is working, i’m getting audio glitches.

Today i just bought another one that says would provide 3A, but when i tried it, the Zynthian keeps showing the red flash icon on the screen, so i went back to the Iphone one.

Can someone point me to right specs or a model that will work properly ?

Did you use a good quality USB cable or did the 3A PSU have a captive cable?

Well is the cable that came with this ‘supposed to be’ 3A charger. But using it, i get the red thunder image all the time ; back to the Iphone, the Zynthian seems to work ok, even if its only 1A :thinking:

So you know, what you shouldn’t buy next time. Get a new one…maybe an original of the raspi resellers


Is there any option inside the Webconf where can i see the real voltage / amperage currently supplied by the psu ?

No. There is no such option. But you should see a “red flash” symbol in the Zynthian UI status bar, perhaps not all the time, when the voltage is low. Also, if you see the red triangle too frequently, probably your PSU is not working like expected. Official RBPi power sources works nicely and are quite cheap.


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