Accessibility for sight impaired users

Helps to have some helping hands around…

She’s missing out on the drawbar indicator lights on this pipe organ .
(It’s a case where nice hot to the touch light bulbs would have it over LEDs)

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I’ve actually spoken with her on a few occasions, a breath of fresh air and puts a smile on my face, she goes through similar tech challenges as I do and yes, you’re right about the stops to consoles like these, they’re non motorised LED centre lit momentaries and a real headache on different consoles.

the modular moog you mentioned is accessible as it’s primarily tactile, it’s a question of memory lol.


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You can’t help but root for her succeeding. Here mom could use a break from tending after her. It’s a lot more tricky for musicians make money, ever since digital drove piracy to new heights. Perhaps she can improve the pop star appeal (without an agent’s total image makeover) perhaps producing a duets album with original pieces written for the partners, would be be a useful exercise, a partnership with someone providing complimentary skills might make an attractive pop act. Good to see she has experimented in genres and developed other instrument skills instead of doing a Child Music Prodigies tour (she’s 28 now)

Her newest Tiny Desk Contest Entry, June 2021 shows some development of her vocal instrument. Perhaps some pop music hook coaching, like contestants in the Songland TV show got from industry pros, might help one make it big. (they make the refinement of a song seem so easy)

Pianoteq 7.4.0 (2021/06/29) has added, “Accessibility for blind users: VoiceOver (macOS) and Narrator (Windows 10) support added”. I am not sure if this is of particular benefit to Zynthian (where we are implementing accessibility at a core level) but interesting to see another manufacturer considering accessibility in their products.

it’s possible, bare in mind that orca is the primary screen reader and it can be very buggy


The MIDI Association held a seminar on plans for a Music Accessibility Standard. The recording is available here. It is seventy minutes long and pretty interesting to see the association trying to make progress in this field.