Adding SPDIF out for Zynthian V5

Looks a bit like a tiny HAL9000 interface :wink:



I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t play that sequence. It wouldn’t sound good.


Something like this. I hope I will find the error in the system.

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That’s interesting.

I have no experience at all with this type of digital audio link.
So I’m just curious:

  • did you apply any overlay to enable the spdif feature on Zynthian or was it working out of the box ?
  • how does it appears in the system: in Alsa subsystem with “aplay -l” and in ZynthianUI ?

Dave, We’re really sorry but we are going to have to break up the band…

Then we are going to reform it without you …

Goodbye Dave.

Dave has left the spaceship…

Woaooo! You really took profit from the case error. Congrats by your work!

I must say that yours is the second case i know with this “issue”. The first one is owned by @riban, and the hole is also profited for a secondary headphones connector :wink:

I would consider adding a SPDIF connector in a next revision of the main board. Please, could you send a modified schematic of the main board with your working solution? You simply add the connector in the schematic and i will take care of the PCB.

The best!


And I thought it was a special, just for me!!!

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Jajaja! And it was, until now :wink:

Hello le51, the S/PDIF adaper runs out of the box. Digital signal on DAC is simply splitted.

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Hi jofemodo, yep it´s a cool improvement.
For this adaper I used the CS8406 from Cirrus Logic, which is obsolete.
Another buddy would be WM8804, but is also obsolete. I fear that getting S/PDIF transmitters is not so easy anymore. Maybe a small FPGA or microcontroller (STM32 with dedicated I2S) could emulate this.
I think I will check the whole thing with the newer WM8804 again, but not reliable source too. For now, ALI is one of the last suppliers.

Hi many thanks.

The cirrus logic IC is available at jlcpcb for pcb assembly but is quiet expensive (more than 4$/piece)

Cirrus always was a bit expensive, but quite stable.