Aeolus - show us your organs

That looks cool!

It wouldn’t matter to have other manuals as well as pedals and the work I did to alter the application assumed you would want manuals as well as pedals but the structural changes mean that we could provide pedal-only patches. I am tempted to wait until a possible future change that may allow us to combine all keyboards into a single chain. That might be the time to rework the organ keyboard configuration. For now, just enjoy your pedals, ignoring those silly manuals that _other people _ use. :wink:

Hi @stojos , what type of pedal sound do you need? I assume, that you‘re looking more for a Hammond B3 or Moog Taurus bass pedal sound. Since Aeolus is simulating a classical pipe organ with 1 pedal and 3 manuals, the sound itself probably does not match the type of music you’re playing and also Aeolus is somehow a kind of overkill. Anyway, it should be possible to install Aeolus on Channels 1 to 4, and afterwards other instruments. Alternatively, you just can install the B3 simulation (there‘s also a setting for pedal only) or some classical analog monosynth.

Have fun and share your experience,
Doc „Marc“ Analog

Be aware that in the current stable (and testing) versions that setBfree also had an odd limitation that it needs consecutive channels so can also disappear from the list. Also these are engines that only allow one instance so will disappear from the list after newbie added to a chain. These constraints will all be removed in the future.

I retake this thread to ask if the latest aeolus version included in zynthina still has the limitation of needing the first four channels.

I want to use it but i don’t want to remake all my existing snapshots :slight_smile:

Oram only

I’ve modified Aeolus and Zynthian integration so that you can now choose how many keyboards to add and it may use any MIDI channels and be in any chain so that limitation is removed.

There are also different preset types:

  • Global will recall stops for all keyboards
  • Local will recall stops for the selected chain

Audio parameters like reverb are also exposed in the first chain only and the peak meters only show in the first chain.

Please test these features. They were developed over a year ago and haven’t really had much testing since. I would love to hear how well (or poorly) they work.


@Riban; Bravo !

I’d tell you I tested very quickly in Manual 1 configuration and ORAM and twice I had hang sound but I can’t find the way to repeat this issue systematically.
zyncoder: oram (a81403e)
zynthian-ui: oram (2ae15e4)
zynthian-sys: oram (415730b)
zynthian-data: oram (97355e2)
zynthian-webconf: oram (d333ced)

Does this mean stuck notes, i.e. a note continues to play after releasing the key?

sorry for my English, not exactly stuck notes but continous noise
I noticed that if you reload preset nois is canceled.

For Aeolus, is it possible to save presets?

Self answer: yes

after editing Aeolus
a) MIXER > go over MIXER Aeolus chain
b) press Select > Processor > Aeolus
c) press Select > Save preset

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It is in fact possible to save preset and recall them in two different ways:

  • Local - only the selected keyboard (chain) is recalled
  • Global - all keyboards (Aeolus chains) are recalled

This way you can change the whole organ or just the keyboard you want.

I saved a preset with Tibia only but when I recall it, no sound

where (folder) is this preset is saved? I can’t find it

Sorry - small amendment. You can recall presets in the “General” bank (not global) to restore all keyboards (chains) or the “Local x” (where x is the number of the keyboard) to just restore the stops for that keyboard (chain).

@piattica are you using Aeolus on a fully updated Oram version or something else? I have just tested Oram and my presets are being saved and recalled.

FYI Presets are saved to /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets/aeolus.json.


Build Date: 2024-03-01
zyncoder: oram (84612a6)
zynthian-ui: oram (27d8317)
zynthian-sys: oram (7a6c26f)
zynthian-data: oram (db0355a)
zynthian-webconf: oram (5f6f937)

in /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets/aeolus.json I cant find my preset called Tibia 8

This is odd. Would you please raise a ticket by clicking the big red button at the bottom of the webconf main dashboard? Please describe in the ticket the full set or steps used to create and recall the preset. The more detail you can provide the easier it can be for us to reproduce the issue.

Many issues occur because one user does things differently to another user and as the designers, we may never encounter the issue as we may not think to do things in the order or in the way that someone else might do.

[Edit] Also, if you can - include any logs that might occur at the time you save and recall presets.


opened ticked


Closed ticket!

Thanks for the excellent bug report. I was able to reproduce the issue and have fixed it. It actually exposed a few problems that are now fixed. Be aware that you need to do an update using the proper UI or webconf update mechanism (not just git pull) and that all Aeolus user presets will be lost by this update (but they were broken anyway!).


Perfect job!

Hi, I have a problem with snapshots:

1st snapshot:
there are many chains with instruments
if I add a chain with Aeolus this is silent: you play, “m” of MIDI activity appears but no sound
001-t.zss (15.2 KB)

2nd snapshot:
there are many chains with instruments
there is a chain with Aeolus where you cannot chose another preset for it
002-tanti strumenti M.zss (14.3 KB)
For this snapshot the voice “replace” is not available for Aeolus

So I believe Aeolus implementation in Zynthian has still some issues.

zyncoder: oram (a7976d8)
zynthian-ui: oram (7a9865e)
zynthian-sys: oram (b8541bc)
zynthian-data: oram (db0355a)
zynthian-webconf: oram (b098993)

All aeolus stops are “off”. It seems a kind of problem when loading the preset, not the engine itself, that sounds perfectly OK when you open some stop.

I can’t find any chain with aelus in this snapshot.

Anyway, replacing Aeolus and setBfree is not supported because they can take several chains and MIDI channels. It wouln’t be too difficult, but it’s not planned for Oram.


Yep! I tested a little bit more with Aeolus and it seems there is a problem when loading presets. Well, indeed it seems presets are not loaded at all :wink:

We will fix ASAP!