Does anyone use aftertouch with any of the Zynthian engines? If so, I’m asking for info which and how. I have an aftertouch keyboard (key preasure and channel preasure) and I do not know if this will be useful for me with Zynthian.

I tried to use the midi filter rule system but I’v found such problem: I tried to map KP to some CC, but in this function it is necessary to specify the range for KP expl: MAP CH#0:15 KP#0:126 => CC#1. Unfortunately, for the map function this does not work - it is necessary to provide individual values: MAP CH#0:15 KP#0 => CC#1 ; MAP CH#0:15 KP#1 => CC#1, MAP CH#0:15 KP#2 => CC#1; etc.
Interestingly, for the IGNORE function range of Numbers works well: IGNORE CH#0:15 KP#0:126. Regards. Adam

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Hi @ejdzi!

Mapping KP (Key Pressure) to CC is perfectly possible, but you should map every key to a different CC:

MAP KP#0:127 => CC#0:127

Or simply:


I think this is not very useful and probably you should better use CP (Channel Pressure), that you can map to a single CC:

MAP CP => CC#17

Anyway, the MIDI filter has been tested very little for this kind of events/combinations, so i will very happy of receiving your feedback.

Kind regards,

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I use aftertouch a bit, and kind of expect it. I find my self activating it for accents even when it’s not mapped to anything :grin: I’ll give this a test when I get a chance.

I have played with mapping Channel Aftertouch to CC 2. An issue I have is the limits. This is a performance enhancement tool but when a key is released it resets to the parameter CC parameter to zero which often breaks the sound. It would be good to add some maths into the mapping to allow a controller to affect a change within a certain limit, e.g. controller value 0 - 100 may map to CC value 30 - 50.
At least there is a way to map aftertouch which I expect from my master keyboard.

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Please, open a feature request with this. I think it could be interesting …

Feature request raised. I wonder if Mididings might be able to provide this functionality?

It sounds more like you need a midi envelope generator to manage the attack and release of the aftertouch messages.

I’m not sure that is the best solution. Channel pressure is a variable value, not binary so iv wouldn’t want to use it as a trigger but as a varying control. Pressing a key harder should apply more effect and less pressure should reduce effect.

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