Finally made the time to update RPi and upgrade Zynth. I keep these Ethernetted so I can RTFM on the Pi, while I crawl up the learning curve on the Zynth. Also easily hooked up to zynthian.local.
I get free internet between 2:00 and 6:00 AM, and I only get 10 GB/month. It took two hours to download the new OS, and two days to find my way around the new major changes.
I really like the mixer, it makes multiple tracks so much easier, having everything right there.
There’s one thing I noticed, though. When I use either Aeolus or setBfree, the keyboard range seems to be global instead of per channel (although setBfree seems to have the split preset on upper + lower). Of course this could be operator error. I got a good deal on a used KRONOS which has a great draw bar, but lousy pipe organ (unless you want to buy another Extension), so Aeolus would be good to have. I built a draw bar Combination on the old TRITON a long time ago. And just recently built a couple of dozen “pistons” for Aeolus on PC; loading these on the Zynth would be great.
I haven’t tried recording yet, got a lot of xruns on the old OS.

Anyway, keep up the good work, guys. I know building Zynthian must be a labor of love, because it can’t be that profitable. I’ve switched my laptop to Debian, I like the community much better than Microsoft or Apple.


Because of its nature, setBfree and Aeolus are strange birds in the zynthian ecosystem. We are working to making them less strange. Until then, you have to live with its special some-incoherent flavour. I’m sure you, a Debian convert, can do it … moreover, enjoying it!


Thanks for the encouragement. I repeat: this is by far the best discourse I’ve found. The Zynthian is a lot of fun. So far I like ZynAddSubFX the best. Of course most of the synths are right there in both Debian and Raspbian.
So I’ve been following the threads about importing banks into the Zynth. I’d like to build some wave tables with artificial harmonics. Some years ago I built WAV files of a set of 1/f for each of the 72 melakartas, but they’re low res, or as they say today, granular. QBASIC in DOS. LMAO! But they work in the old TRITON.
But I’m rambling on, in the autumn of my madness.

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