Am liking the latest testing branch

I’ve been on stable branch for a few months and decided to venture into the wild world that is the testing branch to add a bit of spice to my life. I’m quite liking the revised interface, how things flow generally and updated terminology (eg synth chain, etc…)! It kinda seems to work more intuitively now. Nice work team Zynthian!


Thanks @scro. It has been a lot of effort to get here and we hope to give more detail about this within the next few days. Please report any issues you find in the issue tracking system.


Things have come on a long way from last time I played about with testing, just when the new mixer interface was coming into being. The hard work really shows, as the new interface overall is much easier to use, more intuitive and clearer.

I’ve discovered sooperlooper… I think weeks of my life are about to get consumed playing with this :joy:

If I come across any bugs, glitches or possible tweaks I’ll be sure to flag them accordingly :+1:

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