Any Fishman tripleplay users there?


I’m testing my Fishman tripleplay USB wireless guitar interface with the zynthian. Just to share my experiences if anyone interested (some problems, some success…)


That sounds good! Please share your experiences and perhaps some audio :wink:
Some time ago I tried a “Sonuus G2M V3”. Nice, but single-tone only.

Regards, Holger

Regards, Holger


I’ve tested almost any guitar 2 midi converter in the market over the years and the fishman is indeed the best option on my opinion. Way way better than the “sonnuus g2m” which is a toy compared ( not in the same league ).
Using a computer with a low lattency audio interface is a lot of fun and gives you power control to play any software synth and recording midi to your DAW.
Using it standalone with the zynthian, has a little more lattency (acceptable) and sometimes you may freeze the zynthian if you connect first and switch on the guitar interface after. The interface seem to send a big bunch of data at start and usually freeze the zynthian. You can avoid this switching on the guitar interface first and pluigin the wireless usb dongle after that. Then, no problem. The same goes touching the buttrons on the guitar interface: the up and down buttons give no trouble, just send prog change up/down, but if you touch left/ rigth buttons you’ll freeze the zyntian again. So, be careful not pressing the wrong button :wink:

Hope this helps.


Hi @gueims!

Thanks for the report. It’s very useful :wink:
Regarding the MIDI freeze when connecting the device, i think it can be due to large sysex messages. There is a problem with it. Could you confirm that your device sends sysex messages and how long these messages are?



Yes, it’s more a toy…


I think is sysex bump, yes. I will investigate that and inform later this week :wink:


Hi @jofemodo
Here’s the bunch of data the fishman send at start. Hope this helps.
Regardsfishman tripleplay start messages.txt (2.8 KB)


Thanks @gueims!

I have an idea of where is the problem. When i fix it, i will use this file to check if it works :wink:



Thanks @jofemodo!
Here’s is the other bulk of data sent by the interface when you press the left/rigth button, wich makes the zynthia hang too. This is not that big as the other.
fishman tripleplay rigth button messages.txt (225 Bytes)
So you can compare :slight_smile: