Are the pdf's of AllinOne available?

Yep I loaded up KiCad !

No, no the PDFs, but it’s the KiCad project. Everybody can install KiCad, as it’s free sofware available for all platforms, and generate the PDFs.

Anyway, i will update the AllInOne files with the latest changes (yes, there is a new “switches” connector that allow to connect extra “things” to the MCP23017) and will include the PDFs :wink:

Thanks for being my “memory expander” :rofl::rofl:

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If you are looking at the board again , . . .

Impertinent request, to be largely ignored as from a special interest group . . .

Could you possibly allow the encoder & edge connector section to be easily separated from the MIDI section. it would be 5 tracks to cut . . .? All it needs is a point that you could cleanly cut the board? The present version looks like I will have to dance round tracks to do it.

Some of us want to squeeze the board into a PI box . . .:roll_eyes:

I wondered what the extra connection was for . . . :smiley:

a new revision for AllInOne board?

@wyleu, i think you can cut the PCB without problems, just after the 10K resistor. Of course, for using the MCP23017, you don’t need to solder these 3 parts-group (1K, Diode, 10K). You try it, and if it doesn’t work, i will send you another PCB … and we can continue like that until we find the right place to cut :rofl::rofl:


Yes, but it’s a minor revision with only a new connector that allows using the spare pins in the MCP23017.
In the next weeks/month i will add some code for easing the task of assigning this switches/pins to something useful, like sending MIDI messages :wink:


Where can I get that new revision of the board?

It’s in the github repository:


But not in the shop actually?

AFAIK, it’s the current one. He doesn’t deliver the sockets with it yet. As long as the software and original case is not “connected”. Like the volume slider he was suggesting.

The last AllInOne version is the only available in the shop, but the only addtion is a new connector for accesing the unused GPIOs in the MCP23017. Currently, the software do nothing with it, but it will … jejeje! :slight_smile:

Ahhh! BTW … the AllInOne PCB PDFs are available in the github repository :wink:

Yeagh that went quiet :smiley:
Is it a sort of dj’s fader …?

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