Aruck 3 freezes

Very often am experiencing Freezes and a red icon on the ui
My setup :
Pi 3 , 2 channels with a single instrument
Zy and noisemaker engine
The previous stable image worked better with this setup

Please, could you give more details?

  • Are you using snapshots or setting the layers by hand? Could you attach the snapshot with the layer configuration that is causing the problem?
  • How often are the “freezes”? It hapend while playing or also when no MIDI activity?
  • Could you send a log dump? It would be really useful …

Kind Regards!

freezes during both operations: using snapshot and adding new layers
it happens often, nothing works during freez ( not sounds or Ui navegation ) I have to unplug and reboot.
how can I get a dump file to send ?

You can use the webconf tool for accessing the UI log. From there you have to change to debug mode and try to reproduce the error. When you get it, copy the log and send it back to this thread.

Also, on the wiki you will find instructions for doing it from the console, accessing by SSH:

Kind Regards