Aruk multi instrument - channels problem

I am having a bit of difficulty to do this:
2 channels , each channels with 2 instruments each.
Example :
Ch1 = synth123 and drum 456
Ch 2 = ocarina and synth 583

Here is what I have tried and does not work

Add a instrument per channel ( 4 channels )
Ch 1. Synth124
Ch2 drum456
Ch3 ocarina
Ch4 synth 583

Go to channel 2 (drum456) and clone to channel 1
Go to channel 4 and clone to channel 3

Fallow by deleting channel 2 and 4 ( already clone to channel 1 and 3)
Then go to channel 3 and change to channel to 2

This does not work I only get 1 instrument playing.
In short I need to have channel One and two to have each 2 instruments
Any advice how to achive this setup is really appreciate

Any one?
Is there a documentation for this new process

I put a piano on one, clone to 3
strings on three. both play
then rhodes on 2, clone to 4. synth strings on 4. now rhodes with strings

Although I’ve noticed notes get cloned but not cc.

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And that is perfectly OK. In fact “clone” exist because of this feature. If you search a little bit you will find some explanations about it …

I’m not happy with that.

Why not? Having 2 instruments in the same channel doesn’t allow to send separate CC, so you can not, for instance, adjust volume separately, etc.

With “clone” you can still play the instruments unison, but controlling separately the parameters: volume, panning, etc It gives you a lot more freedom at a low cost of some extra “clicks” for setting up the layers.

Conversely, I can’t pitch bend, sustain, modwheel or breath control simultaneously either.

Also, now you can add an FX-chain to every instrument (channel) …

Please, can you explain a little bit about your use case? I would like to make you happy again …

Pitch-bend events should be cloned … if not, it’s a bug. In the other hand, sustain, modwheel, etc are not cloned. I will think about it, OK? Give me some time … perhaps “clone” could be more configurable :wink:

Like sustain handling in single mode. But there are open GitHub issues addressing this. Iirc @riban opened something similar as well.

If you think about it though there is already a mechanism for managing cc on multiple layers, I can easily map, say volume, to a different cc on the other layers, and then bingo! Non-simultanious volume layer management.

No. You can’t :wink: When you set 2 layers in the same MIDI channel you can not map separately CC, etc.

I could if cc was passed through. And you could on the old router. Do the swipe on one layer, wiggle the cc, volume is on cc10. The other layer would still be on cc7

Can explain how? I can’t imagine how to do it …

You programmed an entire cc mapping thing that’s really cool!

Yes, i did, but if i have 2 instruments in the same channel, i can’t imagine how to map CC7 on the first instrument without also mapping CC7 (volume) in the second one. This is important when the engine parameters are controlled with MIDI-CC:

  • ZynAddSubFX partially
  • FluidSynth
  • LInuxSampler
  • setBfree
  • PureData patches
  • etc.

Of course, if the instrument is controlled with other mechanism (LV2 plugin), then it doesn’t matter.


Are you serious? I can programme a different cc for volume in every subsnapshot and recall them with a midi program change if I want.

If you could have 2 instruments in the same channel (like before), controlled by MIDI-CC, you couldn’t map separately their controllers. With the current MIDI router implementation, when you map, lets say CC7 (volume) in the first instrument, it will be mapped in the second one too. Both instruments are completely pegged and there is no possibility of controlling any MIDI parameter separately.

When i try to solve this problem, i was thinking a lot about it and “clone” is the mechanism i created for solving it, although it’s not perfect and should be improved for allowing to clone some selected CCs :wink: