Aruk RC-2: MIDI channel clonning not working

Before aruck I could have 2 instruments in one channel
Now after adding 1 instrument to channel 1
Then add instrument to channel 2 ( channel 1 is not an option listed )
And by long press select knob and choose Clone midi to [ x] Channel 1
I am not able to have both instruments in the same channel ( only one works )

Before aruck i could just select channel 1 and viola, now channel 1 is not listed.

Is there a new format to have 2 instruments in one channel?

any advice / help regarding this issue/bug

Channel cloning works for me.

  1. add a new synth, on channel 1
  2. clone ch 1 to ch 2
  3. add a synth, assigned to ch2

thanks tele_player your suggestions works
but I end having channel 2 set
but channel is empty ( after deleting instrument ) so if my midi device sends data to channel 1 I can not get sounds out.
in previous version adding more than one instrument to a channel was intuitive and easy
@Jofemodo any chance to take a look @ this Ui change/revert ?

No sorry. The old approach is not longer possible due to the new layer architecture with FX chains.
Also, the old approach didn’t work very nice because you couldn’t adjust volume and other sound controllers separately.
The new “clone MIDI” approach is much better and allows to adjust controllers separately while still playing unison.
Please, could you be more verbose about your problems with the “clone” feature? I don’t understand where is the problem …