Can anyone make this noise...?

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The one at 2:30? It’s called singing.


I think @wyleu meant…

…a modified Helm patch!

001-FaithHealer.zss (22.2 KB)


@Baggypants You never saw the Sensational Alex Harvey Band in concert, did you … ?

Sadly neither did I …

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Thanks for that. It loads up as OZ Bass 1 with JV/MDA Degrade & JV/Zyn Phaser
But no modulation settings.

Is the helm GUI we can kick up ssh -X? Had a cursory look. IT didn’t play ball.

I should have added a tremolo to that.

The way to make the noise with my patch is to play D4 and D5 over and over.

Ah ah @Baggypants… you’re my spiritual son…

You mean I actually have to play it !!! :shushing_face:

I have people for that kind of thing, dungeons full of them… :smiley:

Ok it’s good to know it transferred cleanly then.

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Vambo rules OK…

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Following the patching instructions in VCV Rack yields…

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Sounds a little soft on the attacks…

But infinitely better than anything I’ve put together.

I might have to get the Nord Modular out of it’s case … . .



all together now…