Can I use Erpiam distro on Zynthian?


Hi, I would like to use the Erpiam software on Zynthian detailed in the following links:

I wanted to be able to use the Erpiam software so that I could develop synth apps using the JUCE framework. Does anyone know if it would be possible to use Erpiam on the Zynthian? Would I be able to purchase a Zynthian with Erpiam installed onto it? Any thoughts in general on taking the approach of developing JUCE based apps on the Zynthian?


Seems to be a self contained environment in itself.
Presumably as such a generic system ( Runs identically on All platforms) it has many layers of abstraction to handle whilst in the zynth world we only have to address jack & alsa.
The plugin concept as ever is probably addressable in purely audio and midi terms, the control environment is what really decides how well they mesh.


Erpiam is not a prerequisite to use JUCE in Zynthian. Unfortunately JUCE IMHO does not support creating LV2 plugins yet. VSTs would theoretically work if Zynthian had a VST host (there used to be an engine for Carla (which is a VST host), but it’s not really stable).

I think the solution would be to teach JUCE how to build LV2 plugins instead of changing the OS under Zynthian.

Regards, Holger


if you would consider alternatives to juce there’s the DPF framework which does export lv2 plugins: