Can't connect to MOD-UI


I have problem that I can’t connect to MOD-UI. Administration works great but when point browser to address http://zynthian.local:8888 nothing happen even if I change to local ip address instead of zynthian.local. Can you help me with that? I’m using actual version.


You first have to choose the MOD-Engine.


Sorry for noob question but where I have to choose the MOD-Engine?


Just take a look at:

At Engine List you can see the last engine is named “MOD-UI Plugin host”. If you start this engine MOD-UI is started in background and you can enter the web interface (see

Regards, Holger


Thank for your answer. Maybe it’s important to say that I’m trying to run Zythian in headless mode. So next steps what I need to is login to Raspberry through SSH and start UI with this command: systemctl start zynthian ?


Yes, this is really important…

systemctl start zynthian does not help, because it starts AFAIK the GUI on the display… not relly helpful. You may try:

systemctl start jack2
systemctl start mod-host
systemctl start mod-ui

Zynthian itself is not build for headless mode.

Regards, Holger