Choosing The Right MIDI Keyboard

Hi Guys,

so I tried to get a little bit deeper inside my KeyStep-Pro (KSP). I have spoken to the Arturia support and also received a feedback. Yes: there are errors in the manual. But I did not only find errors there. The Arturia forum is full of messages and I have already found a few by myself.

So I asked Arturia when they will release a revised manual and new firmware (with as many bug fixes as possible) and in what intervals they will release it. I’m not in the mood for another device that like some Android phones only get an update once and then never again.

It depends on the answer whether I return the KSP or not.

One more point: In the Arturia demo video ( you can see at 1:04 that several tracks are transposed synchronously. I did not find this function in the manual or by experimenting… I asked the support how to do it, too.

I am quite disappointed with the software quality of the KSP. It s great - even if it works as announced.

My tip: Who wants to buy it… Just wait and see - I will tell you what my exchange of e-mails with Arturia brings.

Regards, Holger


Arturia had a reputation a few years ago for not having great hardware support. Hope the fixes get pushed out soon.

Well… when things are perfect, why would they be updated ?

My experience with Arturia’s team is highly positive, through mail contacts… I’m not sure you will be disapointed…
I think you know that I am a big afficionado of their early material : the Analog Factory, Player, Laboratory, their Keylab ( 1st generation)…
I have the feeling that their new items are more like cheap toys with attractive features but hidden defects… Much “poudre aux yeux” as we say in french…

In fact, according to your experience there is no other option than waiting until it’s delivered… :wink:

I was thinking those last days… now that Zynthian has a good step sequencer, what will be the use of a keystep ? Shall I keep mine ?

Didier you download Arturia MIDI Control center ? Here you have access to settings which are not available directly on the machine…
For KS ans KSP, I think each track can have a MIDI channel for transposing… if you can set a same MIDI channel on several tracks, then they will be transposed altogether…
I’m.not sure, though…

Hi sm7x7,

Can you confirm that the keyboards you have displayed are compatible with the zynthian, I am planning to by the X6 … or the midiplus X6 Pro USB MIDI Keyboard Controller
Can you elaborate on this …Really need your help on this … kind regards …Randolph Arendsz