Clicking noise [case closed]

I am getting some clicking noises from my synthian.

I have tried running it on battery so it is not the PSU.

Any ideas?

Is it a standard build using only parts from the Zynthian official kit? If there are any non standard parts then post a picture. It could be a timing issue with the sound card. Under what conditions does this occur? A bit more detail required :slightly_smiling_face:.

Standard V3 kit. New.

Happens all the time. Just when connected. Also on battery.

I can post pictures tonight.


Try SSH to Zynthian and stopping Zynthian software with:

service zynthian stop

If the sound persists then you will have ruled out a software issue and can concentrate on the hardware (which I suspect this is).

You should stop jackd service too:

systemctl stop jack2

I never heared such a sound in a zynthian. I will bet that is hardware related.
Plug & unplug the soundcard, disconnect internal audio harness, etc … and cross your fingers :wink:


BTW, the noise is the same in both channels (left & right)?

Yep both channels.

I’ll troubleshoot tomorrow.


This has something to do with the grounding and the screen.

If I take the upper half of the Zythian off but leave everything connected then there is no hum/noise,

If I let the metals touch the hum returns.

It does not matter if I disconnect the encoders.

Any ideas?

If I unscrew the screen it is so unaudible it will now be in recordings,

So it must be the screen that is “leaking”

But before you didn’t have this problem …
What triggered the problem?
Could you try to isolate the display from the case by adding some plastic rings under the nuts?


Yeah. Had it from the beginning, just it was a noisy psu. But then I tried using a battery. No change. It wasn’t as loud, it grew louder.

I was planning on getting some plastic screws. Just don’t know where I would find them. I’ll check Monday.

But this is abnormal right?

Tried this:

Worked for a while.

Then the noise returned.

I am at a loss…

This is the noise

Perhaps the noise is coming from the audio input. There is an amplifier there …
Have you checked the audio input levels in alsa mixer? Try to disable audio input …

I’ll check it out.

But the screen fix almost fixed it. This is so weird. Haha.

There is one thing that bothers me. If I unplug the output I get a huge static noise in my amplifier. Much more than if I were to unplug the jacks. Could it be a faulty plug?

Hello @Humi,

while your first recording indicated something related to charging noise of a capacitor,

your video recording seems to have just noise in it.
You would get just noise if the audio in is turned loud and routed to the output…

Can you verify all parts of your zynthian are connected properly and there are no additional contacts because of lengthened pins that have contact to the case? Just a guess here…

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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I’m closing this thread.

I eliminated most of the noise when I isolated the screen from the casing.

Now I bought a verified PSU and the rest of the noise* is gone.

I dont know if it was the PSU all along, rather doubt it. you would have recognized it then.

*I have to turn my preamp up to 80% to hear it, I don’t see that I am going to use that setting, I’m always btw. 20-40%

Case closed but not solved :slight_smile:

Onwards and upwards!