Clone MIDI to ... not passing MIDI-CC to all synth layers [SOLVED!]

Hi @zynthianers!

I’ve improved the MIDI filter and now the “clone” function will clone some CCs. The list of CCs to clone defaults to [1,2,64,65,67,68], but can be configured for each clone pair (origin-destiny). This is currently implemented at low level, but not at a UI level, so until UI is implemented, it will take the hard-coded default values.

Simply update and enjoy!!


What do you want he webconf editor look like?
Adding the option…and then?

No need for webconf editor. It will be configured from UI.

Hi @zynthianers!

Today i feel strong … so i decided to implement the CC clone fine-grained selection on UI.
From the Clone To Channel list, bold click on the channel you want to configure …

Update your zynthian and enjoy!!

P.S: Yes, the Wiki’s user guide & UI workflow schemes need some update … :wink:


Baffled… that is so cool! May the strength be with you often and for a long time!

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That’s really a cool run through in a nutshell! Thank you. Been watching a Python tutorial and it doesn’t seem to be a too far stretch (although I admit, I like LUA script better).

Yes! Sustain pedal works on both instances now! I’m more than happy with that. Is there a chance we can fine clone aftertouch, program change? Maybe in the same list at the very beginning? * pretty please (with :cherries: on top) * :innocent:

Payment is in :face_with_monocle: with lots of sustain use . . .

No other currency considered . . .

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I don’t understand the use-case for cloning Program Change … Could you explain to me how would you like to use it?


Channel aftertouch is already cloned.

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Of course.

Say I have ZynAddSubFX running on ch1 and Helm running on ch2. When I create layer using both synths (cloning) I could programm them in such a way that prg ch 1 on both is getting me my layer sound 1. prg ch 2 is getting me my layer sound 2, and so on.

another example:
I’m using custom made soundfonts alot. Maybe I have an accoustic drum kit on ch1 and an acoutic bass on ch2 I could programm the sounfont such, that I am able to play drums and bass on one channel when cloning (bass from c1-c3, drums from c4-c6). That Way I would’nt have to mess around creating hybrid soundfonts.

I hope that somehow clarifies my intention?

Sorry. Not too much. Do you mean using subsnapshots (ZS3)? :blush:

Yes I could see how sub snaps could accomplish that goal. I have not used them by now, cause I’m afraid they will not be nice to my somehow delicate setup with two fluidsynth running thru a MOD-UI-layer, accompnied by a zynaddsubfx.

But what if I use external MIDI-Gear? They can’t use sub snaps…

And the last argument is simply for the sake of completeness of common MIDI-messages.