Connection of balanced output to DAC+ADC PRO

Hi all,

today I received the new V4 kit with the 4 identical (balanced?) 6,35mm connectors.
Many thanks for the superfast delivery!

Assembly worked well, but I do not get the balanced output plug correctly connected. The cable colors of the balanced out do not longer match the tutorial (black has become GRD …) - that is easy to spot. But the 6-pin out-connector is nowhere documented, therefore tested a bit …

The layout on the board is
o o “R”
o o “GND”
o o “L”

The two center pins are common ground.
Looking at the labeled outer pin column: the “L”-pin carries a signal., the “R” pin is dead, no signal here.
The inner column (left ins the layout above) is

Oh, well, that matches the hifiberry description of P5:


This connector can be used to connect to external components, e.g. an amplifier. The output is connected in parallel to the RCA jacks. Pin 1 is on the top left.

+5V 1 2 R
+5V 5 6 L

=> I’m a bit confused now:

  • this is not a “balanced” output on the hifiberry in the new kit-4 (with removed RCAs), correct?
  • why is “R” dead with synth as well as with audio test? Did I miss something in the SW setup?

Thanks in advance for any hint!


Edit: I just checked and realized, that I’m the only one talking about “balanced output” in the context of the recent v4 kit (I got misleaded by the “balanced” cabling of the connectors).

Unbalanced connectors means connecting only black -> gnd and red -> signal, right?
But still that leaves the dead “R” as an open point :frowning:

Sorry @joepi, we sent you 4 TSR connectors by error. We are shipping the 2 missing TS connectors ASAP.


Hi jofemodo,
I think, the connectors are a minor problem - it should be possible to use thede connectors as unbalanced connectors (e.g. by soldering black and white together). Therefore, no need to send other connectors, I think.

What is more confising me is that I have not managed to get a signal on the “R”-pin, do you vave any hints or ideas here?

Thanks a lot,

I suppose you are using the Buster RC-2 …
Did you try the audio test from the admin menu? It should generate stereo output, sound on both R & L. If you only get sound on one of them, it looks like a problem with the Hifiberry. In such a case, please, send me back the soundcard and i will send you a replacement ASAP …


SW: yes, and its updated and via web in the hardware tab the v4 option configured.
And unfortunately the audio test is only mono on L … :frowning:

Any additional checks i couöd do before removing the soundcard?

Many thanks,

The record function will allow you to record playback and copy audio in and out of the zynth and is very useful when doing this sort of debugging. Download the wav file using the webconf samples page and examine in something like audacity to ensure recording and playback actually respond properly via jack

OK, I will do the followong steps:

  • check hifiberry in another pI4
  • if here is everything working I will do some checks with the record function as wyleu suggested.

I’m not shure, whether I can make that today - I’m in webex sessions until late evening and after that probably not in a state to deal with unsecured electricity ;-), but will report the results ASAP.

Thanks again for the support!

OK, bad news: I used another PI4 to install the hifiberry and used PiCorePlayer => same result: “L” has a signal, “R” not.

That looks like a broken hifiberry :frowning: and send back
@jofemodo: which postal address I should use?
Edit: found the UPS-label - will use the sender address, OK?

Sorry for the efforts!


Hi jofemodo,

I got the replacement DAC, attached it and everything works!
Thank you for your exceptional service!!!



Thanks for your words!! We try to do our best …

Enjoy your zynthian!!! … and … send some :face_with_monocle: