Controlling Volume of several MIDI instaces

Hi Brian @riban,

many thanks!!! I will try as soon as my “beer-to-the-fridge-job” allows me to use my Zynthian again…

Regards, Holger

Hi @riban,

Now I can also see the labels well. But there are still a few problems:

  1. the channel selection is inaccurate further to the left: If I tap channel 1, channel 2 is selected. I can select the master on the far right. This is probably missing a “+ 1” somewhere…

  1. I can’t make any changes: the only thing that works (halfway) is the channel selection.

I’m afraid that the display is too small to be used with fingers. At least live it might be too difficult to adjust single tracks. But for composing “at home” this is a great help!

Regards, Holger

Hi @riban!

It seems very cool, really, but …

Most of times (>99%) we will be using only a few channels (2, 3, 4, 5), but very rarely 16! I think the mixer should show configured channels only, optimizing screen usage and improving UX for smaller displays. Wider bars are easier to drag, etc.



Configured channels only and if you want to put percussion in on 10 then you are going to get a standard look :smiley:

Perhaps control best bailed out to external USB hardware and the display used as a mixer/ layer display?

I think there’s an increased danger of collapsed on the mixer from touchscreens at this central kind of function, but I’ve not used them in that way so I’m probably just being an old fuddy duddy.

Opens enormous vaulted room with many, many scribbling scribes…

How good are peoples touchscreen mappings for this. . … ?

@C0d3man I wonder if your touchscreen calibration is good? Try turning on cursor to see how close the touch is to where it’s detected. Also try with a mouse. My touchscreen and mouse accurately select the correct channel.

Maybe you need to manually build the library. I haven’t added a recipe for that yet. SSH then:

cd /zynthian/zyntian-ui/zynmixer/build

Also, any existing snapshots will be routed to main output. You will need to remove all latest then add them to get them routed through the mixer.

@jofemodo I agree and tried to implement this but for bogged down and commented out the code. 16 channels are quite useable on a 7" touchscreen and quite visible on a 3.5" screen where you are more likely to use the encoders to adjust values. My first attempt was to remove unused channels but that was silly. We can have a configuration which allows user to choose how many channels to display (maybe with some automagic default) and scroll to display hidden channels. There is a step along the bottom which I plan to use as a drag step for horizontal scrolling. (This also serves as an overrun area for dragging fader down.)

@wyleu The channels adopt the MIDI channel number from the layer so a percussion track on MIDI channel 10 will appear on mixer channel 10. I intend to add MIDI and OSC control. The soft switching should reduce zipping when used with MIDI 7-bit control. I have started to think this feels like a central location from which other areas might be accessed, e.g. you can already go to the channel’s control screen but imagine being able to add layers from the mixer and manipulate then… a hub - I am getting ahead of myself!

I will adjust the channel’s, probable first just reducing quantity and implementing scrolling then later hiding unconfigured channels. But today… more work in kitchen. Will it never ends? It feels like one of @wyleu’s dungeons with torture chamber.

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Yes, you are right: I forgot to calibrate the touch… Now the selection is better - but difficult on a 3.5" screen.

Ok, that was the root cause for the faders. Had to add a cmake .:

cd /zynthian/zynthian-ui/zynmixer/
cmake .
make install

So I started with cleared layers, added ZynAddSubFX to #2 and Fluidsynth to #10. I switched to the Audio Mixer and I still can only select the channels but I can’t move any faders.

Regards, Holger

I have continued the discussion of mixer here as it may be a more appropriate thread.
@C0d3man I am not sure what is going on with your issue. Will you try the latest version on zynmix branch? I suggest continuing discussion in other topic.

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