Crashes on fresh install, latest stable


I started from a fresh install. Zynthian crashes reproducably (error screen then reboot)

  • when I try to load the stock snapshot “three-on-three”
  • or when I try to add a Surge layer

I guess it can’t only be me.

Any ideas? Yes, I just did an “update”, just to be sure…

Thank you!

What’s your setup, a kit or a self build? How’s your power situation? Have you tried putting the image on a different SD Card?

thanks for your quick reply. It’s headless and controlled via VNC and MIDI. I started from scratch because I urgently needed a SD card for another project… so the SD card is brand new and the same model as before, where I had no (SD card related) problems.

It is a Raspi 4, 8GB with the official power supply.

It is not just “flaky” or “fragile”. It literally crashes every time and I experienced that about half an hour after I did the fresh install. Can you please try to load the “three-on-three” stock snapshot? Or try to add a Surge layer?

Thanks. We can discount the psu. We’d still like the hardware details. Stuff you have plugged in, sound device if any. A screenshot of the web page with the hw & branch info would be nice. Some logs from the web interface if you have access to it after the crash. That sort of stuff.

Ah, good point. Haven’t played with the logs yet.
This is what the log says for the “Surge issue”:
Apr 19 10:51:57 zynthian startx[2144]: ERROR:zynthian_lv2.get_plugin_presets: Can't load presets cache file '/zynthian/config/jalv/presets_Surge.json': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/zynthian/config/jalv/presets_Surge.json'

This is my system overview.

And this is something similar found when loading the snapshot “three-on-three”:

Apr 19 11:07:04 zynthian startx[4117]: ERROR:zynthian_lv2.get_plugin_presets: Can't load presets cache file '/zynthian/config/jalv/presets_Obxd.json': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/zynthian/config/jalv/presets_Obxd.json'

I hope this helps.

Ok, I could help myself: I had to click “Search for new Plugins & Presets” at Software/LV2 Plugins in the webconf.

Maybe these presets should have been included in the zynthian image.

Thanks for pointing me to the logs!

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Bugs go here GitHub - zynthian/zynthian-issue-tracking: Centralized Issue Tracking for Zynthian Project

It seems that the first-boot process didn’t finish the preset cache regeneration. You could click the “Search for new Plugins & Presets” button in the webconf LV2 tab, or try to re-burn the SD image and leave the first-boot process to end. Simply wait until the main menu is shown for a while.


Ah, I remember it was late that evening. I started configuring everything as soon as the webconf became available. Afterwards I hit “reboot”. Perhaps that was too early.

Ok, learned :slight_smile: