Creating custom instruments for Linuxsampler


Hello everyone !!!

I am trying to make a multilayer (multivelocity) patch of my favorite samples strings, have it working grea in beatmaker 3 on iPad. What approach is recommended for making Linuxsampler patch ? Some GIG editing tool could work ? Did anyone have an experience in this field ?

Please feel free to advise, will be gratefull for all inputs here !


You should try Polyphone :wink:

It can create SF2 (FluidSynth) and export SFZ (LinuxSampler), among others.



@jofemodo, thanks for the approach !

I wonder if they support velocity layers for samples.



Of course it does! And much more …


Already exploring ! :slight_smile:

Seems to be great solution, @jofemodo !


See that:

The feature is quite old:



You’ve got Swami as well

It is older and apparently less active than Polyphone. I don’t know which one is better.