Custom hardware issue [SOLVED!]

A recent change to the webconf has implemented a method of templating hardware configurations based on the official kit version. This is a really good idea in that when you build a Zynthian using officially supported hardware it should be (and now is) a single selection to configure the device.

For those of us DIYers building our own devices from old cereal boxes and sticky-back plastic, we need to configure each hardware device manually. (This adds the the fun of the DIY task :grin:.) Beware though that a bug exists in the webconf whereby selecting “Custom” kit fails and selecting any other kit will change your configuration. This can render your Zynthian unusable.

A workaround is to manually set the ZYNTHIAN_KIT_VERSION environmental variable to “Custom”. This is set in file /zynthian/config/ Of course this does involve some command line hacking but you must be a hacker to have built your custom kit.

This issue is tracked by GitHub tickets #24 and #25.

I am sure our friends at Zynthian Towers will resolve these issues soon…

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Both issues fixed. Now that is fast service!