Cut Through Recordings lv2 plugins


Cut Through Recordings have started selling lv2 plugins, which is a bit different. This caused a bit of a kerfuffel on one of the other forums, but out of it one the plugins has been released as open source. It’s some sort of compressor.


I’m pretty sure that we will have a recipe for installing it on zynthian very soon :wink:

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Will do this the next days, if noone will do this earlier. I have currently much to work for cold beer in the fridge.

Regards, Holger


Hmmm, not an easy task. You need a working D-compiler environment and before compiling PopSoundShaper you need a tool named Dplug… currently I have much trouble to get a running version. I will try later again.

Regards, Holger


Thanks for trying …


After reading throu’ some of that I think I might just build a piano. . . .


I just thought I would chime in. I need to update the README for POP Sound Shaper on how to properly build it as LV2 since it looks like we dont have anything on the Dplug wiki yet. Essentially you have to download Dplug and inside the tools/dplug-build folder run the command dub (this requires one of the D compilers, ldc2 is recommended). This will create dplug-build which needs to be placed in your path. Then from the POP Sound Shaper repo you just have to run dplug-build -c LV2 -b release-nobounds -a x86_64 It should create the .lv2 folder in builds/. :slight_smile: