Daisy: An Embedded Platform for Music

Originally saw this on a YouTube NAMM interview and thought it very interesting.
I’m wondering about a dedicated FX circuit I could add to my Zynth, or just another interesting electronics project :smiley:

It popped up on Kickstarter today.

The dev board looks good value, though it starts to get expensive after that - with all our build talents though, I think making a compatible hardware interface should not be too difficult. I guess we will have to see how well the community develops.

I shall watch with interest.


That tiny little board runs PureData. :open_mouth: Wow…
(Pulls out Christmas wish list and starts scribbling furiously.)

Something to port microDexed to?

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Also an option: (Micro)Dexed instead of minisynth. So you have a Dexed on Raspi-Bare-Metal :smile:


Ohhhh, I needed something to do with my pi1, this is perfect!

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I love bare-metal code… the last bare metal program I wrote was for a rugged 80386 based “touch” panel (infrared, 32x32 point resolution, with 640x480 amber plasma display!! and a HP-IB ISA card).
It was the control panel for a lab test equipment, no OS, no kernel, no services, just a lot of bit banging and direct video memory write for the UI.
The last time I spoke with the lab person, the system was still running flawlessly. 24/7 and ad uptime of slightly more than 30 years :wink:


If anyone wants to have listen to Minisynth Pi there is a clip here: https://github.com/rsta2/minisynth/issues/9#issuecomment-593068543