Digital output

Dear zynthianers,

Have anyone considered having an extra SPDIF or optical digital output from zynthian ? I don’t mine having analog output, but for serious studio stuff it might be nice to have surgically sterile output. Of course, internal audio recording functionality is great and we use it a lot i guess, but why not to have alternative ?

I wonder, what amount of latency digital output might give. Could it be usable for live performance ?

Sure, That would just depend on the audio interface having a digital out. It wouldn’t have any noticeable impact on latency unless you thinking of then stuffing it through a Bluetooth stack, or across the Internet. If it’s for live performance I don’t really see a huge point in moving the DAC from the pi to the mixer or the amp though. Most professional synths have a DAC built in and then are expecting an analogue audio path through the mixer to the speaker.

Also, I think it’s fair to suggest if your thinking about doing a lot of studio recording, get a reasonable PC and use all the pi synth engines in a DAW on a machine with cpu cycles to spare.

Have a look at this…


@B00t-eek nice to know, thanks !