Disabling touch screen [SOLVED!]

Is there a simple way to disable the touch screen response? I tried adding`disable_touchscreen=1’ to the config without any luck.

Thanks in advance!!

What display are you using?

Ah yea, sorry, The Ozzmaker screen v2.

Try to remove the second line from config:


and leave only the first one:


If you can’t edit the config, you should choose “custom” from the kit menu.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a shot this evening and report back :slight_smile:

By the way, your suggestion worked.
I really appreciate it :smile:


…and so would be awfully impolite to ask for a sound sample to satisfy the deep unbridled lusts that live at bottom of this site …? :face_with_monocle:

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What do you mean by that?

Maybe @wyleu should write a post somewhere describing in plain English (not jovial colloquialisms) what is expected from our members as reward for the efforts of the community then the monocled persona may be accompanied by a link to the post so that the uninitiated may be informed and better understand his subtle requests for contributions. :grinning:

Yes I’ve been thinking along similar lines. Apologise @audiobird. During a meeting in Barcelona between myself & Jofo we talked about how to increase the number of audio samples produced by zynthian on this site. The upshot was I established a fairly demented forum personna with the purpose of asking people in a different way each time ( so it felt personalised ) , that if they were helped by posts to solve problems they might like to supply a sound sample of whatever they wanted, and by in large it’s revealed some fascinating bits and pieces as well as, hopefully, encouraging people to use the device even if it’s just one note.

The emphasis on requests is actually that and that has been the hardest part of the process from my point of view, because like so many things on the Net it requires a certain knowledge of the context . . . What that means is that it has, as I run out of things to say, boiled down to the use of the :face_with_monocle: icon . . .

So don’t feel pressured, but we would love to hear what people do with the machine. . .

It is after all a musical instrument, and it is only by hearing from people that use it to make sounds, that we can improve it.


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Oh! Thanks for the explanation :crazy_face:

Everything in this track is from the zynth with the exception of the kick drum and the cymbal roll. Hopefully it’s mixed well enough :slight_smile:
Vasculab COMPD

Also, check out my Zynth!!


Hi @audiobird !

Your piece is amazing. You mixed a lot of styles and used a good number of Zynthian sounds. Could you elaborate a little bit about your creation process,sequencing tools, engines used, presets, etc.?


@jofemodo Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that! I did 100% of that track with the Zynthian and my MPC1000. My process is a little funny.
I keep a track called “midi garbage” on the MPC where I record a midi sequence. Then I sample that into the MPC. That way I can chop it up and add small edits. Next, I delete whatever is on the midi garbage track and repeat the process with a new synth engine or sound.
During the process of making that track, the zynth crashed a couple of times (due to my own negligence) and I lost whatever engines I had open prior to saving a snapshot. So I’m pretty unsure exactly which engines I used for which sounds.
I can tell you I have a huge softspot for FM synthesis. I’m pretty sure I used a lot of Dexed and DX10. I’m also quite familiar with Helm and I believe I used that for the arpeggio part. I think I used synth v1 for the introduction ambient-ish sound.
None of the drums were sequenced off of the zynth with the exception of the introduction snares that filter in. All of the other ones were recorded straight into the MPC and sequenced from there.

I haven’t done many songs with the zynth since that one, just kind goofed off with the glitchy sounds you get while switching between presets. But, my plan for the next one is to take advantage of the fact that I can have multiple engines open and not throw away patches. I was just stuck with that method coming from my previous synths, most of which cannot save patches. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Did you officially present your Zynthian in the “Success Cases” thread? :wink:

I haven’t! My friend has been bugging me to do so!!! I’ll get to it! I just need to make a little bezel for the screen first.

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We will be waiting for it … :wink: