DIY MIDI step sequencer (Arduino based)

Should not be so problematic to build such thing:

Regards, Holger

This is the sequencer that I use to control the equipment and I love it, I want to put some Plexiglas plates and the top one smoked because the brightness of the LEDs after a while is annoying.

15 drum tracks: ER1 (only use it as a sound module), ST224 and Zynthian.
8 instruments tracks: GameBoy, Phoenix-1 (Shruthi) and Zynthian
nanoPAD2 and K2 they are MIDI controller for the zynthian.
The Microgranny played it live and only received midi clock to sync the grains.

I still need to finish a 1x5 MIDI Thru and upload a video.


I just ordered some parts via ebay. Most of them I already have. I hope I will find some time in this live to build one :smile:

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Yeah, it works!!! :smile:


Awesome to both of you! I recently ordered the Beat707 NXT board myself and the LED boards to use with Zynthian and eurorack DIY Yarns - can’t wait! Actually this may be how I heard about the NXT so thank you!


hi there has anybody got the song mode working?

I am currently working on my Fluxamasynth and another Zynthian to combine altogether with my ARPIE and the BEAT707NXT. When the sound engines are ready I have to learn how to use BEAT707NXT…