EP-MK1 possible new plugin

This sounds marvelous for an ePiano!
Any particular reason why this can’t be added as a standard PD preset?

Zynthian kit was still shipping pi3 until recently? Someone hasn’t done a pull request? I guess the issues I noted in my post above are still current?

Is this still being looked at?
I am interested in both setups, as i find the amount of pd patches by default could be improved


Sweet! This builds a very nice sounding electric piano using my branch of HVCC → GitHub - Wasted-Audio/hvcc: The heavy hvcc compiler for Pure Data patches. Updated to python3 and additional generators

Thanks to Distrho Plugin Format we can have dssi/ladspa/lv2/vst2/vst3 versions if needed :wink:


HI @dreamer !

Could you share the generated LV2?
And if possible, a building script :wink:


I don’t use zynthian, so that wouldn’t make much sense to share my x86_64 lv2 bundle.

Ok toolchain looks like:

# install hvcc
pip install hvcc

# there is your build dir: EP-MK1/_main.pd
cd EP-MK1/

# create a file called meta.json
    "dpf": {
        "project": true,
        "description": "electric piano based on EP-MK1.pd",
        "license": "WTFPL",
        "midi_input": 1,
        "midi_output": 0,
        "plugin_formats": [
# run hvcc
hvcc _main.pd -n EP-MK1 -g dpf -m meta.json -o .

# clone dpf develop branch
## for vst3 and some general fixes
## otherwise omit vst3 from meta and use regular dpf
git clone -b develop https://github.com/DISTRHO/DPF.git dpf

# build dsp and plugins
make -j

# you should now have
EP-MK1$ ls -l bin/
total 552
-rwxr-xr-x 1 dreamer dreamer 302392 Mar  8 19:49 EP_MK1
drwxr-xr-x 2 dreamer dreamer   4096 Mar  8 19:49 EP_MK1.lv2
drwxr-xr-x 3 dreamer dreamer   4096 Mar  8 19:49 EP_MK1.vst3
-rwxr-xr-x 1 dreamer dreamer 252408 Mar  8 19:49 EP_MK1-vst.so

Thanks @dreamer !

I will try it.

BTW, i was testing the MK1 PD patch on zynthian and i must say that it works pretty well on RBPi4, so i decided to spend some time adding MIDI controllers and writing a yaml config file.

It’s available on testing and stable branches. In testing, the yaml file uses controller groups, that is a new feature that i just implemented for PD:

Here the screenshot:

and the yaml file:

main_file: " EP-MK1.pd"

  midi_cc: 7
  value: 127
  midi_cc: 17
  value: 64
 alt. scale:
  midi_cc: 19
  value: 0
  labels: ["OFF", "ON"]
  ticks: [0, 1]
  is_toggle: True

 tremolo enable:
  midi_cc: 20
  value: 0
  labels: ["OFF", "ON"]
  ticks: [0, 1]
  is_toggle: True
 tremolo shape:
  midi_cc: 21
  value: 0
 tremolo rate:
  midi_cc: 22
  value: 3
 tremolo depth:
  midi_cc: 23
  value: 2

 tine ratio1:
  midi_cc: 33
  value: 7
  value_min: 0
  value_max: 30
 tine ratio2:
  midi_cc: 34
  value: 20
  value_min: 0
  value_max: 30
 tine HPF:
  midi_cc: 35
  value: 15
 tine decay:
  midi_cc: 36
  value: 32
 tine level:
  midi_cc: 37
  value: 40
 tine pick send:
  midi_cc: 38
  value: 4

Tone Bar:
 tb decay:
  midi_cc: 41
  value: 64
 tb release:
  midi_cc: 42
  value: 1
 tb level:
  midi_cc: 43
  value: 70
 noteoff level:
  midi_cc: 44
  value: 6
 hammer level:
  midi_cc: 45
  value: 11
  midi_cc: 64
  value: 0
  labels: ["OFF", "ON"]
  ticks: [0, 1]
  is_toggle: True

 pickup gain:
  midi_cc: 51
  value: 43
 pickup attack:
  midi_cc: 52
  value: 14
 pickup LPF:
  midi_cc: 53
  value: 10
 pickup symmetry:
  midi_cc: 54
  value: 52
 buzz phase:
  midi_cc: 55
  value: 1
  labels: ["OFF", "ON"]
  ticks: [0, 1]
  is_toggle: True
 pickup level:
  midi_cc: 56
  value: 35
 buzz level:
  midi_cc: 57
  value: 70

@MikeMorenoAudio , i have problems with some toggle-controls that doesn’t work as i would expect when connecting a MIDI CC to them. Could you help me with this? Here is the modified pd file:

EP-MK1.pd (834.9 KB)

The problem is that the sound changes differently when the toggling from the pd’s UI and when sending MIDI-CC, in fact it changes more aggresively when sending MIDI-CC.

BTW, when everything is “perfect” with the zynthian integration, would you accept a PR? :wink:

Thanks … and enjoy!

Hello @jofemodo, I really like the new controller groups feature you added. I’ll make use of it in future pd patches for zynthian.
I found some time today and I’m working on improving the midi cc’s for the tremolo controls in EP-MK1. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be happy to share the revised file.

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Make a PR, please!!