Error zynthian.local:6081 and 5900

Hi All! I am troubleshooting a Clone Midi and split issue. I cannot display the main UI on my Mac mini 2014 running Mojave, VNC viewer and TigerVNC. Here is my setup:

Ports 6080 (noVNC) and 5901 (TigerVNC and VNC Viewer) display correctly:

I get errors on ports 6081 and 5900:

Should I revert to x0vncserver or did I miss something?

Thank. you!

Sam in NJ USA

Hi @samriccijr. The wiki was updated to match the Testing branch. (Maybe that was premature.) This is due to be rolled out to stable within the next couple of weeks so if you can wait then please do, otherwise you can try Testing branch. This is done in webconf SOFTWARE->Repository.


Thank you @riban . Sam