External Zynthian control using MSB/LSB/PGM


I’ve got idea, maybe it’s already implemented, but haven’t found related info, And I don’t know if this is correct section for idea (could we have “Ideas” section here?)

I think that that would be great, if Zynthian could respond to MIDI CC MSB/LSB/PGM messages in following behavior:

  • MSB on MIDI channel would set engine (synth/FX/…) according to some general list
  • LSB would select preset bank within engine
  • PGM would select particular preset from within bank
  • some global selectable channel (i.e. 16) could load Snapshots (but this I think is already possible)
  • export such config to csv, and import

Could this be implemented? Ideally from within Webconf UI.

I do apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere.

Currently zynthian use Bank/Program changes in several ways:

  • On Master Channel (default 16): Bank/Program change is used for loading snapshots
  • On Rest of Channels: It depends of the “Program Change ZS3” feature from the UI’s Admin Menu =>
    • If it’s enabled, Program Change is used for ZS3. Read the wiki’s user guide.
    • If it’s disabled, Bank/Program Change is used for changing Bank/Preset. The numbers are assigned sequentially.


Can we have also engine selection on given channel?