Extra Switches: Sustain Pedal, Panic Button, etc


OK! Sorry! I changed the pin assignation. The right one is this:

  • pin 1 => GND
  • pin 2 => WiringPi GPIO 106
  • pin 3 => WiringPi GPIO 107
  • pin 4 => WiringPi GPIO 114
  • pin 5 => WiringPi GPIO 115

And the current hardcoded configuration is like that:

  • PANIC switch (6th zynswitch) => pin 2 (106)
    • short => All Notes Off
    • bold => All Sounds Off)
  • Unused (6th zynswitch) => pin 3 (107)
  • Unused (7th zynswitch) => pin 4 (114)
  • MIDI CC64 (Sustain Pedal) (8th zynswitch) => pin 5 (115)

Switches are normally open, closing to pin 1 (GND).


New connector in All-In-One PCB v1.1

So … it works now?
We want to see your big red-pushroom :wink:


Can’t see any point differentiating between two options in Webconfig. MCP23017_ENCODERS and MCP23017_EXTRA. If additional switches not installed, then all works on “old way”. Just add MCP23017_ENCODERS those new switch gpios (106, 107, 114 and 115) and everything works. As switches are NO (normally open) contacts, then without installed switches nothing changes on encoder input register bit 6 and 7, when new zynswitces are installed, then additional options just work (extra panic button and foot switch for now). Old way panic via CTRL_1 still works, right?


Of course you are right … but perhaps some code in the UI depends on the selected wiring layout … i’m not sure yet, so i prefer to maintain 2 separated wiring layouts by now …

Anyway, it’s not a major problem to change this :wink:



Your wish is my command…


The Panic switch wants to:

  1. on short press
    (Press>Release within short press window)
    Send Notes off.

  2. Once you get passed the short press time and hit the long press
    (Press >>>> outside of short press window)
    Send Sounds (all notes all channels) off.

Otherwise you press and hold it and it’s waiting for the release . . . .and you kind of deadlock.


Currently switches in Zynthian UI works when the switch is released. Remember that in theory, every switch can have 3 functions: short, bold and long.

Anyway, you can be sure that i will think about it because it would improve the overall UX… it’s a good idea! :wink:

Thanks a lot, @wyleu!


Anyway, a bold click is quite easy to do. Simply click, hold a little bit (0.3 s > t > 2 s) and release.
I have configured long click also as “All Sounds Off”, so any click/hold/release action where hold time is more than 0.3 s will do the “All Sounds Off”. A short click (momentary), will cause the “All Notes Off”.

I’m thinking about it, but the real problem is the “long click” action. I could make that switches with no “long” action associated behaves as you say, but i’m afraid that this can be confusing. Some switches working different than others … uhmmmm … :thinking::thinking:



Hi, good work.

I have got still an idea for “midi-learnable” pedal from normal sustain pedal? For example for mapping in MOD-UI pedals switches (1. click value 0-63, 2. click for 127 = ON/OFF)

ok, again, i know :slight_smile:


How about making the long press the time after which the All Sounds off would be sent? Could that not be rolled in for any long press ? Other than a button accidentally jammed down you’d move into the long state after a long hold on any button in which case you’re into new Interface state anyway?


Reading this and this suggests one possible approach:
Short - All notes off.
Bold - All sounds off
Long - All notes off and then followed All sounds off (two commands sent - CC 123 and CC 120).

Long = something like “Boom! I WANT this damn thing to be quiet and stop whining and i want it NOW and i don’t care which command mutes that f^M^M lovely device!”


Long = Main circuit breaker off? :rofl:


No, that’s very long :rofl:


It’s like waiting for a new pope…


Long = Main circuit breaker off? :rofl:
No, that’s very long :rofl:

… but can be shortened tremendously with additional device, orderable from Alibaba.

Doesn’t expect releasing encoder switch too, works momentarily when used.
Maybe next official road warrior kit includes one or even two… :slight_smile: I have feel that one plug can be used only once…


The next logical step should be to include a couple of big blasting caps inside the Zynthian case and detonate the synth with the tipical “Mission: Impossible” countdown :smiley:
(or the Spaceball one… :D)


Ok guys.

And what do you think of my idea? It is completely out?

1st click midi command with 0 and 2nd command with value 127 (for example) sendig to MOD-UI.

Using to switching ANY software pedals via midi-learning without “special midi pedal”.

Or do I think wrong?

Jofemodo: if you can send Sound OFF, you can send anything.


Your’e right, this PanicPlug ™ concept is fun, but in reality you can’t get FCC and CE approval for this kind of musical instrument…

Will this be something like my suggestion for “user assignable” zynswitches via midirouter part of zyncoder library?


Yes, something like that. But with the foot switch. Performed in the same way as in this thread.


if its implemented the way Werewolf proposed (IIUC) then you could just connect your footswitch to one of the other inputs and then you can configure it to your heart’s content. I think thats the best solution.