Favorite/showcase sounds

@dhrupadiya smoooooth! The most relaxing tracks in the forum :wink:
You got a fantastic sound texture with this! Could you share the snapshot?
@mheidt, it would be so nice to have this little download button in the snapshots panel … :innocent:


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Yehes, Friday the latest :slight_smile:

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I was rudely awaken in my hotel room today by a horrible squawking, bleeping alarm. I would much rather have been woken by this soothing ethereal anthem. Really good piece. Thanks for sharing.


004-Smooth space.zss (11.5 KB)

Happy to share, @jofemodo :slight_smile:

It has CC assignment for my personal config to use with WORLDE midi controller , so please keep it in mind:

CC#1 is romanticone volume, #11 & #12 are cutoff and resonance
CC#3 is Smooth volume
CC#5 is soft strings volume and CC#15 and #16 are cutoff and resonance
CC#17 MaGigaverb roomsize #18 revtime #19 tail
CC#120 is main volume in MIXER

Layers in zynthian with this kind of controller can create miracles and magic blended properely. I can’t express how happy it makes me to explore different sound combinations.
Endless possibilities !

Until there is no download button in webconfig, I am successfully using FAR manager and Netbox feature builtin. Fast and very reliable file transfer and editing.


I just realized we might also need an upload button… :thinking:


@Jtunes - very good idea ! Also, if to dream about functionality, the ability to download / upload folder with snapshots as well as uploading an archive at once. It is too much to ask I believe (but similar extracting mechanism is already there in relation to soundfonts and presets).

Luke, don’t be hasty… Use the force… of manual file extraction :slight_smile:

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As I already said…it’s already possible in the webconf with backup and restore.
Just set the filter to the snapshot folder only
You get a nice zip with all your snapshots.


@mheidt, I am very happy grateful user and appreciate a lot your effort as well as anyone else’s involved in zynthian development. Thank you for pointing out webconf backup/restore feature. It is perfect, when you need to work with all your snapshots at once.

Working with few selected snapshots right now involves ssh and very comfortable for me, but for people not so familiar with terminal might be more complicated. I mean it is not a necessary feature (single snapshot upload), but it - could be convenient with time, isn’t it ?

If there is an download, it needs an upload as well…for sure.
The only problem is - as @wyleu said before - that the snapshot is not self contained.
If you are uploading a snapshot with a reference to a snapshot/preset that doesn’t exist, you will have a broken snapshot on your system


Very true, but in this case I view the contents of the snapshot in text viewer and locate the missing parts. Overwrite it afterwards and everything is fine :slight_smile:
Maybe we should move our discussion about all that to another part of the forum. This one is about the showcase and sounds :slight_smile:

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@dhrupadiya I completely agree. Let’s go back to musical space…

(ZynAddSubFX > Fantasy > Space Choir 1)


You do really fine soundscapes !!!

Ohhh! This is a really nice choir …

I’m thinking about a “favorites” feature for the presets. Something like:

  • You can easily add/remove from favorites with some UI action i don’t know yet :wink:
  • You can easily toggle between See All / See Favorites, also with some UI action i don’t know yet :wink:
  • Possibility of “sharing” your favorites with the community (anonymously or with a nickname).

What do you think?



Favorites are always welcomed! :slight_smile: Really, very useful option indeed.

Useful if implemented right. It needs to be simple to add, remove and select favourites. It may be advantageous to be able to categorise favourites but that might be moving towards a different functionality of grouping stuff. It is advantageous to see if a preset is already a favourite, e.g. indication next to the preset. Also differentiate between a virgin preset and one that has been modified.


The click combinations of our momentary switches might be used for extra features. Like snapshot & layer buttons clicked simultaneously might open favorites menu.

Just thinking out loud, because I can’t imagine the complexity of the task.

Still, we might have 6 extra combinations for commands with existing main controllers. And short, bold and long simultaneous clicks add x3 combinations:)

Or it can be on main screen (or both) between loaded instruments and the choices of the new layers width divider separating evrything.

@dhrupadiya BTW, I set your song as my morning alarm. Best wake-up call ever! :star_struck:
Thanks again for sharing! :ok_hand:


Hi, just strolling through different topics here (love it!)…are these showcase sounds something one can obtain with the V3 kit?

I mean in a sort of ‘out-of-the-boxish’ kind of way?

That would be absolutely fantastic, I literally adore them all!

This naming convention (SYNTH_ENGINE > BANK > PRESET) indicates that these are presets for synth engines. So yes, these are actually built into the Zynthian software, and you can use them “out-of-the-Zynthian-box”! :wink:

Yeah! Can’t wait to receive the kit :star_struck:

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