Favourites for NEW layers?

Just wondering if it would be possible to have a stared or favourite option for synth, audio FX etc? Just to help filter further and speed up workflow.

The recent categories in the menus are excellent by the way.

The favourites could be in the Layer menu

e.g. NEW Favourites

It would then be super quick to add synths or FX you use regularly.

Just an idea.


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I’d love this! It would make it easier to find faves deeply-nested in some of the very large collections of presets we have for some engines!

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Do you mean something like “Use bold-select for adding a preset to your favorites. You will see a little ***** at left. Bold-select again for removing the preset from favorites. For listing only your favorite presets, use bold-snapshot .”?

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That would be perfect!!!

Bold-snapshot doesn’t do that, but just plain snapshot-click does, I just found. I honestly think I had tried using bold-snap because it’s in the doc, and hadn’t tried short-snap. (Bold-snap brings up the Load Snapshot screen for me.)

However, it displays the favourite presets without showing which bank they’re from, so it’s still hard to know which is which. Especially with Pianoteq, where there are a number of standard preset names used within multiple instruments (banks).

Maybe a feature request for an enhancement to the faves filter to display bank name is in order?

I was thinking more favourite engines rather than specific presets.

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You can hide unrequited LV2 plugins by deselecting then in the webconf (advanced view). It’s not quite the same as favourites but does allow you to only show the ones you actually use.

For the non-native English speakers here, I’d think Riban’s predictive text cut in here. I suspect he meant ‘unrequired’. Unrequited means something quite different.

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Stoopid predictive text!!! You may well have some unrequited plugins - ones that you really wish would give you the warm glow of excitement but ultimately disappoint you :wink: :heavy_heart_exclamation:





  1. (of a feeling, especially love) not returned.

“he’s been pining with unrequited love”

Hahaha so good.

Made perfect sense to me to hide your unloved LV2 plugins :>

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No Pete - it isn’t that I don’t love them - quite the opposite. I love them but they don’t love me. (That seems to be most of the members of ZynthClub too!!!) :laughing: