Footswitch with raspberry 3

Since we have the R4, I don´t need the R3 for Zynthian-purposes.
But I will use it to build a footswitch for all thinkable MIDI-Purposes:
PCh, CCh, Note on/off, SysEx, Start/stop Audio, Start/Stop Midi, etc.

I think 4-6 knobs are enough, because I will (if nessessary) change the knob-design from song to song. ok. it has to grow.

I made a new SD-card with buster with desktop and put it in the R4. But it does´t work!
Pic 4 shows the R3-Configuration. What am I doing wrong? Thanx for helping !


Well the first thing to probably do is define “But it does´t work!”. Do you see anything?

Does anything appear on the Screen?
You seem to be able to view the zynthian.local webconf, so look in the UI log under Interface . . .

Do you see anything in there?
Anything under debug?

Hi Wyleu,

happy new year.
Please understand:
the webConf Screen, that you see, is only to show the used hardware with the raspberry pi.
That works perfectly.

When I change the SD-card and insert a SD with buster, then nothing happens:

  • I see only a grey screen
  • WebConf does not work.
  • Only the LEDs on the raspi board are lightning constantly, not blinking.

My target is to habe a rasbian screen and I want to use python for programming.

Is it possible to stop the running zynthian-program to see the desktop?
perhaps I can start there with my work.

Hi micki, l guess this pedal is the right one for you. It is working by following the manual exactly. Greetings Roman

Hi Roman,

no, that’s not exactly what I mean.
I will build a “Footswitch” with 2 parts: one on the floor with ca 4 knobs and one on notestand-level with display. The 4 knobs will change their functions depending to the song. Because one song only needs sustain, another Song needs sustain and Leslie and PC and VolChange etc.

And I want to start/stop midi and audio and I want to display lyrics and leadsheets. That all controlled by a songlist. During a gig I only have to start the dedicated song and to play. The Rest I can controll with my feet.

But now I have to generate the technical basics. The hardware is shown above. But how to start the software?
And then I have to learn python …:joy::nerd_face::+1:

This sounds very much like a SD card without anything bootable on it .
. How did you burn it . . . ?

download from rasbian page
burned & valdated with etcher 51,7 MB

the image has 3.7 GB on PC Hard Disk

Raspian page…?

I pulled in the top zip file below and it runs fine for me…


but I will try your suggestion, tx

Search for MobileSheets it will run on rpi3b with Android

Ich nutze zur Zeit Bandhelper für iOS. Damit kann man auch viel machen.
Mein Hauptziel liegt aber in der Nutzung von Fußtastern.
Ich hatte mal einen Morningstar MC 6. Leider verloren gegangen und zu teuer. Der ist ähnlich dem, was ich bauen will. Im Prinzip ist nur das Display auf Augenhöhe anders.

Dear Chris,

I just tried your suggestian. Now I have zynthian on the screen like I had before.
But now I want to stop zynthian and want to work on rasbian platform.
Now I like to use python and the possibility of free programming.

How do I stop zynthian ? How canI get a rasbian screen?

I don’t think you can. At least I hope, @jofemodo deleted all files of the window manager.

Apologies I think I misunderstood what you are trying to do. You can’t run a raspbian desktop on the zynth screen if that is what you are trying to do.