For those of you on linux who take regular dd backups of their sdcard I thought I’d mention guestfs tools. These tools let you access and modify machine images and work fine on a dd backup of an sd card. There is even a gui tool called guestfs-browser.


@Baggypants, Thanks for the suggestion.

This project is giving me another reason to start running Linux on the desktop. I tried one of the Win10 EXT4 mounting utilities for some things, and it just makes a mess out of permissions and symlinks.

Linux is of course the superior OS but if you are confined to Windows 10 then WSL 2 will be here shortly which implements a full Linux kernel stack using HyperV virtualisation. I am no fan of Windows but am forced to use it (though still stuck on Windows 7 for a few more months!).

@Baggypants - Good call on guestfs. This could be quite useful, e.g. it may be possible to patch an image without needing to rebuild from scratch. Very interesting.