HifiBerry DAC+ADC PRO: Testing the balanced/unbalanced input

Hi @zynthianers!

Just testing the HifiBerry DAC+ADC PRO balanced/unbalanced input with the new UI’s mixer panel:

The mixer is not finished yet, but you can test it in the development branch “mixer”.



It’s the voice of the saviour !!!

…bit echoy thou… :slight_smile:


Awesome! I was considering getting the DAC+ADC PRO for my 2nd zynthian, and as just about to ask for a comfortable way to do the software volume control (alsa mixer) from the main UI. Looks like the mixer branch does exactly that, wow! Good times :slight_smile:

However, “30 day lead time” on their website… due to popularity? or production issues? Guess we’ll see.

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You can buy the DAC+ADC PRO in the Zynthian Shop, specially customized for Zynthian, with the extra 40 pin connector soldered on.

Ah, thatis nice. Is everything available in the shop in stock?

Yes. AFAIK everything is available for shipping right now.

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Do I need to attach some extra wires from my 6.5mm stereo jack input to j6 on my HifiBerry adc+dac pro to use balanced input mode? J6 has 6 pins but only 3 are attached…

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3 pins are enough, but you need single-pin dupont connectors. The 3-pin connector from kit v2+ doesn’t work for the PRO. Take a look to the wiki: