How to manage remote access to the Zyntian UI?


As ‘new and very enthousiastic user’ I want to try use the zynthian headless with a remote UI on a second screen. I have tried aswell the implemented NoVNC modus via Webconf and also the method with an external VNC viewer. Tried to use all ports mentioned in various manuals and Wiki-pages but always end up in the screen with terminal-emulator, the native GUI of , in my case the active ZynAddSubFX synth, patchage etc. but never into the Zyntian UI with the 4 knobs in the corners.

I use a Rasp4 with 7inch touchscreen connected and that works fantastic.

Any advice is havely appreciated?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Pete - welcome to Zynthianland. Watch out for the locals - they are mostly friendly but sometimes a touch odd!

Have you checked out the (very) recently updated wiki entry?

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Hi Brian,
Thanks for your quick repons.

I followed the sequense in the mentiond wiki with the following observations:

  • Assert Enable VNC Server option and press Save ---------> was already on and can’t be saved as off…
  • Reload webconf and navigate to INTERFACE->UI-Engines --------> option is not available

Ah! What version of Zynthian firmware are you using? There have been some changes to VNC since the last stable version - 2104. You could switch to the testing branch (webconf - SOFTWARE->Repositories) or wait until 2109 is released within the next couple of weeks.

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Thanks Brian, I indeed used the last stable version - 2104. Activated the test branch and now it works as discribed and needed!

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