How to run fluxmasynth for raspberries on the zynthian system?

I want to use zynthian only 10 drum channels and 2 other bass channels using the pluxmasynth module The key to this build is a single chip that takes MIDI data in and spits out audio, according to the 128 general MIDI sounds. This might not sound like much, but if you’ve ever tried to turn MIDI into sound, you’ll find your options are limited. There is exactly one chip that can do this and is easily obtainable: the SAM2695 from Dream Sound Synthesis, and this module can be run on raspberry pi using the python program language, This chip was originally designed for cheap toy keyboards, but if you have a chip, you can do anything with it and the source we have got the explanation : library python for fluxmasynth pi

my question is how to enter the python librarry in the zynthian system and run it on zynthian, and zynthian is used only on 2 bass channels, the other 10 drum channels automatically sounds from the fluxmasynth module?1535261538780330816

I think the keyboard industry might argue with that…

The zynthian is primarily written on python. and has a couple of python processes running. the gui (/zynthian/zynthian_ui/ an the webconf ( cant rememer of the top of my head) …

These processes both communicate with the Jack server. looking in
zynthian-ui/zynautoconnect/ gives you an idea of how this is done . . . .

The engines are then loaded in their own process and handed jack connections so from their point of view they don’t know that they are sunning in a zynth but have MIDI data channelled to them by the Zynth to get them to perform.

You would probably be best to use the fluxamaster externally and just feed it from theynthian MIDI out port, I don’t know what it uses to communicate with the Pi but there is a fair chance there might be conflicts over i/o pins.

I found an audio sample, it’s a jolly nice chip.

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Fluxmasynth connect via RX tx only to Raspberry

zynthian serial midi out to fluxmasynth midi in fluxmasynth fi