Hyperpixel 4 - No Image (Edit - Now Working)

OMG… it’s alive… lol…
Going to grab a new microSD and do all this from scratch now to log the steps needed. I’ll post the list in the next 30 min providing everything goes to plan.

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Here are the current steps to getting a custom Zynthian with a Hyperpixel4 Touch Edition working. The only thing I haven’t figured out at this stage is how to rotate the screen. With the following information the screen will run in portrait mode.

Write the latest approved OS image to an SD.
Insert it into your Pi which has the hyperpixel4 screen already connected.
Power on.
Let the Zynthian do it’s thing until WebConf login starts working.
Set hardware kit to custom, save.
Set sound to Rbpi Headphone, save.
Set display to custom, don’t set the resolution, but do set the frame buffer to /dev/fb0 and save.
Set wiring to dummies, save.
Now Reboot.
Configure Wi-Fi, enable it and run Software Update.
When update finished, fully refresh your browser (Ctrl+F5).
Go to Interface / UI Options and enable on screen buttons, save.
Turn back on Wi-Fi
Access Webconfig System/Terminal.
Enter the following commands.

git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4 -b pi4
cd hyperpixel4

The hyperpixel4 should now start working fully. No need to run calibration, the calibration won’t run either way, but the touch screen should still work perfectly without the calibration.

If you make certain changes in Webconf to the theme, font size, or anything hardware related, the hyperpixel4 setttings will not survive the reboot. To get it back working use the System/Terminal and enter the follow commands.

Copy of my boot/config file attached.

Kind regards

config.txt (2.7 KB)

Excellent news. Now you’re ready for a long saturday night fever :sweat_smile:

Absolutely … need to do a Beer run first though. :slight_smile:


Excellent, I have screen rotation working now too.

Using the terminal enter the following command to adjust the touch screen functions.

hyperpixel4-rotate right

Now to rotate the screen, edit the boot/config.txt
Change this…


to this…


Save the changes and reboot.

The Zynthian should be working perfectly now in landscape mode (HDMI USB-C ports on the top) and the touch screen should have rotated to match the orientation.

Guess that’s it. Everything working.
Thank you so much for the help. Really appreciate it.

I can tell already that this was well worth the effort. The capacitive touch response is so much more accurate and stable than resistive.


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install.sh (2.7 KB)

To make things a little easier I modified the install.sh file so that that when you run it, the install process will now rotate the touch screen layer and rotate the screen all in one go.