I got my zynthian runing but l have a question about MODui

I would like to know how to install plugins in MOD-UI.
I assume that it’s done through the terminal since you cant use the MOD web service to download them. the main thing I’m interested in is the control voltage plugins

You can use the web interface on Zynthian. I’ve never tried downloading a plugin as it has seemingly hundreds installed.


Current zynthian SD-image include AMS plugins, that i think is what you are looking for. You don’t need to do nothing, simply select from the MOD-UI palette. This is the list of AMS plugins:

Probably, there are more plugins that can be useful in a modular setup.

Enjoy … and send somefeedback!!

well I’m still not sure about what you’re saying because I enabled the AMS plugins in the effects Screenshot (38)|690x337

but I still don’t see them in the MOD-UI.

I also don’t know what you mean by:

thanks for helping

The webconf LV-2 Plugin configuration only affects which plugins appear in the Zynthian’s layers lists and does not affect MOD-UI. My MOD-UI shows a different result to yours:

What version of Zynthian firmware are you using? (You can post a picture of your webconf home page with this information.)

here is the the web config home page