I have the Zynthian running off of a USB 3.0 attached SSD. only one issue

I have the /boot and / mounted off a USB 3.0 attached m.2 SSD. I updates /home/pi/zynthian-sys/boot/cmdline.txt All is good there. My issue is when I record audio files they are no longer dropped in /home/pi/zynthian-my-data/capture. Now recordings go to the root of the SSD.
Is there a file I can update for the audio/midi storage location ? I didn’t file this as a bug, I think it’s a feature :)… I just need to adjust the feature.


Zynthian is fast running off the SSD. Soundfonts load up quick!

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Zynthian detects whether there is USB attached storage and if so, it uses it to store captures. This is a simple mechanism for allowing users to insert USB storage and automatically use it. This is hardcoded so I don’t think it is a simple configuration change. You are right that this is not standard hence isn’t a bug. USB OS isn’t a supported configuration and is known to be awkward to maintain. Maybe there could be some community effort to offer a patch to support this but I would suggest it shouldn’t distract the core developers from supporting the standard configuration.

I can help with this. :slight_smile: Most of my PI4 projects boot and run off of SSD.
I updated the Directory Path environment var in zynthian_envars.sh to
Now we just need to make the value persistent between configuration changes.

I don’t want to distract developers from the full integration of Sfizz and stuff like that. The results I am getting from the preliminary recipe is great.

Thanks for all the hard work you and the zynthian team has done. This has been a fun distraction from the Pandemic!

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I goofed. Apparently the configuration file I updated is for the UI to find the directory