Improving the Zynthian MIDI Router


Hi Markus!

Yes. The webconf MIDI filter rule builder should be updated to reflect the latest improvements. I’ve updated the PG to PC for “Program Change” arguments, but we have a few more changes:

  • Allowed events are: “NON”,“NOFF”,“KP”,“CC”,“PB”,“PC”,“CP”. NON and NOFF have been added.
  • All event types except, “PB” and “CP”, optionally have a numeric part (0-127), separated with “#”. The current webconf tool enforces this numeric part for CC and don’t allow to specify for the rest.

In the next weeks I would like to add some new features, like “event => system command” mapping, useful for freaky tech-art installations and others…

Of course, i’m always open to proposals and suggestions :wink:



PP (!?) for poly-pressure. I have two Ensoniq SQ-80 !


Probably you mean “Key Press”, that is already supported :wink:


What’s the function and differences between
ZynMidiRouter & ZynMidiRouter-01?


Excuse me, @wyleu, i don’t know what do you mean with “ZynMidiRouter-01”? :wink:


It was an extra instance in qjackctl. . .

Can’t get it now.

wyleu finger trouble…


would it also be possible to rout the midi signal from the midi in to the usb ports?
I didnt build in a midi out in my housing and might be a bit difficult to fit it…


This should be possible already. Connect a usb midi interface. If it only has one port, you can change it in the webconf from IN to OUT


now I dont have the keyboard anymore I needed this for. But thank you anyway!