INT A INT B GPIO mapping


Hi there. It’s my first post.

I’m building a diy zynthian box using this hat breakout from aliexpress
It’s really convenient but unfortunately it doesn’t duplicate the GPIO 26 (pin number 37 on pi3) wich one is connected to INT B on the mcp23017.

So my question is where do I map (in the code, in zyncoder lib I guess) INT B to a given raspi GPIO ?

Can’t wait to finish my synth …


I’ve just have to got the encoders to work :cold_face:

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Why don’t you just solder a wire directly on the right connector pin on the breakout board?


Neither can I ,. . . . . . :face_with_monocle:



breakout board is mounted on a 40 extra long pins header so that you can connect another hat (like a 3.5 inch display ;-)) on it. But I can cut the unneeded pins, a 3.5 inch lcd has usually only the 26 first pins, and solder INTB on it like Axeman said.


Didn’t see the long pins header in your picture. But a single wire soldered on the side of the pin, adjacent to the board, should not interfere with the display connector… you don’t need to cut pins…


I’ve got it working with the 7 inch hdmi+usb touch display, but my plan is to use that small 3.5 inch lcd