Introduce yourself!

Yes, I remember Maplin when it was just that little shop on the A13. Later I used to connect to their dial-up ordering service via an acoustic coupled modem and be excited at being presented with a text based menu that I could traverse, slowly… Maplin had a chequered history and rather lost its way. I long since stopped relying upon it for my supply of electronic components. Farewell old friend :cry:


You have stepped-in with really good energy, Walt! Welcome on board!
We have a lot of funny work to do by here … I hope you enjoy a lot in our little Zynthianverse :grinning:


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But is now fixed !!! Hoorah!! Details . .

Hello fellow zynthonians !

My name is Steven, I’m 41 and from Belgium.

I’m a unix system administrator with a passion for (micro)electronics and building things.
No music skills whatsoever, but messing with electronics and listening to randomly generated sounds keeps me sane :stuck_out_tongue:

Since my attention span is fairly short ooh look a butterfly there is always some half finished projects on my desk.

My favorite toys: hackrf, plutosdr, prusa i3, a vast selection of microcontrollers and SOC’s

Currently working on:

  • zynthian box (7" touchscreen, pi 3B, clone hifiberry dac+, mcp23017 with assorted encoders & launchkey mini)
  • Teensy midi sequencer (teensy 3.2 with potentiometers, buttons and oled - loosely based on teensy examples and adafruit Fifteenstep)
  • another teensy controlling an OPL2 sound board; still looking for a nice way to integrate another soundboard into my zynthian setup - I have no HW mixer)
  • RC remote control (STM32 with oled and NRF24’s to control a 3D printed spider)
  • some assorted trinkets for integration with esphome and

Hope you are having a great day and see you around the forum!



What the… it’s the picture of my lab workbench :smiley:


@riban & @wyleu have mooted!

Much fruitful talk got talked.

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Really welcome on board, @b0bje!

I hope you can help us with the many tasks we have pending … and BTW, expand a little bit your music-side with us … :wink:

@wyleu, do the honors, please … :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Kind Regards,


zynthling @b0bje two steps forw. . . …wait FOR IT … aaard…

Present image of zynthian on forummm…

Present audio sample of zynthian … … . .

. . . . .

The rest of you … STOP SNIGGERING !!!



I am Vincent, I went to this forum to speak about midified Open Theremin and Zynthian one or two years ago.

At this time I didn’t have my Zynthian but had an oportunity to discover how this project was interesting.
I had a SM Pro Audio V-Machine to cover my need for software synth on stage but I kept the Zynthian in my list of future project…

Recently, I advertised to a friend of mine the Zynthian, telling him that he would take no risk and that I would buy him his device if he was not totally satisfied.
Unfortunally he left his band and get too much buzy for zynthian project. Then he took advantage of my proposal and sold me his Zynthian.

Here I am, I have my Zynthian ! I am having a lot of fun and I am ready to share tips, help to fix problem and, most important, make some music…


Welcome aboard . . .

So easily they fall into the trap!!! . . . :face_with_monocle:


Did I fall into some linguistic trap ? “Play some music” maybe… I spent one hour or so on Wordreference to see if I made any English speaking error ! :thinking: and didn’t find any answer…

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Wyleu 's"ceterum censeo" is to ask for an audio footage.


OK ! I got it…

Some theremin voices trying to be celestial (some LV2 step sequencer on Zynthian + midi theremin on my V-Machine):


A lovely closing shot of many a film!! :smiley:

has anyone seen my Trirere …?

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Nice! Added to Sound Demos …

the list is slowly growing up … but we need more!!! :crazy_face:

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I’m Julien. I really enjoy to play with tech stuff. I discovered zynthian a few monthes ago.
Great piece of software and hardware !!!
Congratulation to the team and contributors.

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Have you built a kit or do you have desktop constructions we are desperate to see . . . . .:smiley:

… and hear :face_with_monocle:

I really don’t want you to get blind :wink: But I promise that I will post a picture once it won’t be such a mess anymore !

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Hi wyleu, hi Markus,
I will take a second try to introduce myself. During the last conversation I didn’t know the possibilities of Zynthian and this discourse. So I could not give an proper answer.

But now I know more and yesterday I made a decision. I will finish my old project with DX7-case and the Böhm-Expander. It’s too heavy.

Yesterday I opend a Novation Impulse 61. There is on the right side enough space for a zynthian, and:

during the last days I made a lot of tests to drive the zynthian without encoders and switches and I can say: it works very well.

Now I have to decide what components I will put into the Impulse61.
Surely a Raspi4 with 4GB, but I do not know, what soundcard (hifiberry ADC + DAC or pro, what’s the difference?) and what monitor.

But this has to wait till next week, because we have a great gig at sunday. And than I’m looking forward to have well sounding light weighted keybord that I can carry in a bag and drive with a powerbank and an outdoor speaker.

Wonderful , :+1::rainbow:


Wait until we know if the hifiberry ADC + DAC one is really balanced.

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