Introduce yourself!


Hi, I´m Norbert, but my friends say Micki.
I´m from Düsseldorf, Germany and I´m 65 jears old. I´m a great friend of all open source things, but I had not time to work with it. That´s I wand to change now.

I have to learn how the linux-world works. I do not know the hardware and I do not know the software. To make it simpler, I like to make music and I think, when I´m learning to make musik with Zynthian etc. I can learn linux.



Welcome aboard some say Norbert, friends say Micki!

Would you go for the kit or join the distressed elements just outside the city wall who knock together various bit’s of raspberry pi and bits and pieces and STILL manage to make a zynthian?

Ohand have you taken the time to think what will you be submitting as your entry piece to attain full membership of all us amongst ourselves . . . ?


Hi wyleu,
please excuse me, but I understand nothing. Perhaps I’m new in this forum. And my english is not so good. So please, write in clear words.
Thank you, for your understanding.


He said hello and asked if you ordered any kit from @jofemodo.
There are some ppl here who are building a Zynthian without any parts you can order here.
No matter what, he is looking forward to see any pictures of it and even better to listen to any audio footage.


Hi Micki,

I could not have said it better myself!

I’m told English is hard. Sadly it’s all I know. :smiley:


LOL, thanks.

Actually you did say it better.
But I have to admit, that the app Wyleu2English helped me. It’s AI based and has been feeded with the collected works of Shakespear.



Here is my first piano composition.


Nice …

zynth patch?


my zynthian is still in hyperspace somewhere maybe the canary islands. but this is the piece I will perform on the pianoteq when it finally arrives! it’s my first composition.


There is something rather magical about saying that sort of thing…

This is one Tessa wrote for an LP we did a while ago . . .

Your piece reminded me of this… Thanx. :smiley:


maybe my second piece will be that good, maybe Tessa will help me


Hello all.
I play the piano as an amateur.
I use Linux to do music since many years, try Zynthian connected to a HDMI screen and now have got m Zynthian box :slight_smile:

My midi controllers are:
Nektar impact lx88+ :
Akai ewi usb (don’t try yet on Zynthian)

Just to say, Zynthian is great, thank you


Exceellent !!!

Now guess what I’m about to ask in my nicest, sweetest, prettiest voice? … . . :smiley:


You’re going to demand a truffle-shuffle, aren’t you?


Look It was either this or two years in community service, and guess which I chose …?


Sorry Iguyome45 , this is a bit of a tradition but don’t feel intimidated, it’s lovely to hear anything people have done with a zynth but it’s not essential, just a bit of fun…


I will make, maybe an old french song, at the level of my skill


So not french but belgian, I make the record with usb pen drive but have some bad noise, only on record.
The first one, Jacques Brel Amsterdam, pianoteq with tal reverb effect:

The second, Robert Miles Children, with a bass soundfont and pianoteq:


The recording function is not working very well… i will try to solve it ASAP.