Is there any Zynthian API?


We could implement our OSC API over RxPy :wink:


RxPy and OSC share the same design principles, but at a different level. RxPy is a Python library for implementing asynchronous protocols/APIs. OSC is a data-level specification for creating asynchronous protocols/APIs, completely independent of the platform or the transport-layer.

Implementing an OSC API on RxPy could be a good thing, but there are other libraries that can do the task. For instance, liblo is currently used in the zynthian core and it works quite well :wink:

Anyway, Zynthian’s core OSC API server could use liblo while the Zynthian’s Web UI could use tornado and RxPy for implementing its client-side part of the zynthian’s OSC API. No problem at all with it :wink:



Do we want to use the latter example as starting point?