It's time to build it

.Hello Jose…
Here is what I have… Bought more than 2 years ago, and abandonned…

I can’t find the building page… I guess it’s a V1, but with an Ozzy Osbourne display…
It doesn’t have an all in one module…
The encoders are single on their board…

Ok… First, I have the feeling that the cable is not the good one : the middle connector seems to be the other way round (or upside down)… Am I wrong ?
Also, I believe there is only the possibility to use MIDI in, and that’s all… Wrong again ?
What advice would you give me ?
Have a nice evening…


Woaooo! An old v1 kit … it’s a little bit more than 2 years that you bought this, my friend :wink:

You should take a look to the v1 tutorial, of course:

And enjoy … for sure you will learn a lot more than mounting a new v3 kit !! :nerd_face:

Good Luck!

BTW, i would like to open this thread to the community … is it OK for you?

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Ah ah… pointing the finger to the still-alive dinosaur…
A zynthianosaurus egg has been found and is going to hatch…
Eh eh…
(Holding my breath) yes, you can exhibit me to the whole world in a freaks show… I’m ready !!

But what I wonder is, should I buy an all-in-one module ?

If you buy an AllInOne module, you would need to buy a new ribbon cable, and encoders, unless you want to connect the v1 encoders to the v2 JST-connectors using the v1 dupont wires, what is completely feasible.


This is part of what makes Zynthian such a fantastic system. Ancient hardware doesn’t have to go obsolete.
Looking forward to seeing this relic come alive!
Thanks for sharing @opus.quatre !

I’ll think about it… If I do, maybe the kit will be easier for me to figure out how to build it… because the new ribbon is different…
and the old one, I never succeeded placing the things correctly the way I want…
But I would probably want to keep and use the single encoders…

v2 & v3 encoders are, equally, single ones :wink:

One of the official zynthian kit goals is being easy to mount and cheap to repair …


Skulks around, waiting for a :face_with_monocle:


I :heart: @wyleu

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Hello… Will I have Midi in-out-thru with my 2in1 module ? Or is it possible only if I buy the all-in-1 module ?

And @jofemodo what will be the price for the all in one plus ribbon cable plus shipping to france ?

You need the AllInOne. The old 2in1 has only MIDI-IN.


Woaw !! I never saw the suitcase !! What a nice one !!
Ok thank you…

And any possibility to add Midi out and thru, without buying the all in one and ribbon ?

Yes, you can build your own circuit … it’s not really difficult :wink:

OK… Thanx… I will take time to think about it all …

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