Jeannie 8 voice polyphonic DIY Synthesizer

Jeannie performt Mutable Braids 🙂

I have build-in Mutable Braids Vowel oscillator into Jeannie. Add new mudulation inputs (Formant and Formant_shift) in the waveformmod oscillator. All sounds from Jeannie. Using Vowel with random sample/hold. No post-processing - just recorded straight into Presonus Studio One V6. Music from Tassie Tiger on

Greetings from germany and happy weekend :slight_smile: Rolf


Next Jeannie Update coming soon… with more Mutable Braids and Shruthi synthesis :slight_smile:

  • Braids VOWL : low-fi Vowel synthesis. PRM_A : formant, PRM_B : formant_shift​
  • Shruthi ZSAW : Phase-distortion sawtooth with filter sweep​
  • Shruthi ZSYNC :
  • Shruthi ZTRI :​
  • Shruthi ZRESO :​
  • Shruthi ZPULS :​
  • Shruthi Chrushed_Sine :​
  • Braids VOSM : Sawtooth with 2 formants. PRM_A : formant1 frequency, PRM_B : formant2 frequency​
  • Braids TOY : Low-fi Circuit-bent sounds. PRM_A : sample reduction, PRM_B : bit toggling​
  • Braids SuperSaw : Swarm of 7 sawtooths, PRM_A: Detune, PRM_B High-pass filter​
  • Braids ZLPF : Direct synthesis of LP/Peaking/BP/HP filtered waveform​
  • Braids ZPKF : PRM_A: Cutoff frequency, PRM_B: Waveshape
  • Braids ZBPF :​
  • Braids ZHPF :​

Greetings Rolf


Jeannie plays Wavetable

What else is new to report? Rolf has just successfully installed the wavetable oscillator (from Braids) in Jeannie. There are now 21 wavetables available, each with about 30 to 50 waveforms which you can scroll through or modulate with LFO 1,2 and the ADSR filter.

OK how does it sound ? I’ll torture you again with my demo sounds. Quickly made this morning so you know what to expect sound-wise.

All examples are made with a wavetable oscillator only. I put a slight modulation of LFO2 on the wavetable and some reverb. Thus the wavetable is passed through with the LFO.

Greetings from germany. Rolf :slight_smile:


Jeannie Wavetable II